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We had an extended abstract and presentation at this forum.


Graduate Thesis: Consideration of Dynamic Wind Effects in the Design and Evaluation of Trussed Towers According to the NSCP-01

Finally, my M.S. Thesis has been fully accepted.  The full text can be viewed/downloaded from this link: http://docs.google.com/fileview?id=0B-NxRIz9HeFOZDM1OTBiMTAtY2IzMy00NGE2LTlmZDMtMzFiOGEzZWYzY2Uw&hl=en_GB

Codes from other countries use the term "lattice towers" instead of "trussed towers." Transmission towers and antenna towers are examples of trussed towers.

Highlights of the thesis include:

0. The main hypothesis of the study is that dynamic wind effects could not be neglected for trussed towers; for example typical trussed towers in the Philippines have aspect ratios around 7, and meanwhile the NSCP-01 requires that dynamic wind effects should be considered for structures with aspect ratios greater than 4.