"Pedestrian Level Wind Environment Studies"

Imagine yourself - you are around 50 to 100 kg in weight - in this 500-km-diameter typhoon with winds up to 200 kph sweeping through your city, funneling through the tall buildings along the street you are walking on. What are the things that could happen?

While the subject matter of "pedestrian level wind environments" is a very serious one - it is a a key topic of wind engineering - this blog article is not so much serious. Check this video out: http://youtu.be/SEBLt6Kd9EY.


Yet Another Wind Disaster

First, take a look at this video: Indiana Stage Collapse: Why Was Warning So Late?

The story is the same. Structures collapsing and killing people under relatively low winds - around 60 mph (~95 kph, or ~27 m/s) only.