Change in Website

With the creation of Wind.PH, there needed to be a dividing line between what is posted here (RONJIE.COM/engineering) and on Wind.PH.  This website will soon host only my online essays and details of my publications, as well as non-wind-engineering-related events and other information, applicable to the Philippines and to other parts of the world.  Wind.PH will document the existence of any available wind-engineering-related publications and events, relevant to Filipinos or to the Philippine setting only, which may include one or more of posts on this website (RONJIE.COM/engineering).


New website on wind engineering in the Philippines launched

Wind.PH was created on 16 May 2010 and was spurred by the same idea behind the ASEANwind network. It is a site that is aimed at establishing a focal point for wind engineering related literature for Filipinos or by Filipinos, wind engineering networking in the Philippines and effectively establish an "engineering virtual organization," and encouraging research and education on wind engineering in the Philippines. Wind.PH is currently being maintained by RONJIE.COM/engineering.

Visit the website at http://windph.blogspot.com.