CE 256 - Part 2 Wind Effects, Session 6

Today we wrapped up the discussion on Wind Effects Part 4 - Dynamic Wind Effects.  Students submitted their homework from the last session, and were given 2 additional homework problems for submission next week:


CE 256 - Part 2 Wind Effects, Session 5 (UPDATED!)

We continued our discussion on aerodynamics and pressure coefficients.  And then we started our discussion on dynamic wind effects.  Additional references for this discussion, aside from Simiu and Scanlan and NSCP 2001, include the ASCE7 standards (looking at the 1993, 1995, and 1998/2002/2005 versions) and a paper I co-authored with Prof. B.M. Pacheco, PhD, PE, and which he presented at the 2007 PICE National Convention.

Two example problems were given to students as a homework to be submitted next meeting:


CE 256 - Part 2 Wind Effects, Session 4

Today, we had our first long quiz which covered the CE 256 Part 1 topic, structural dynamics, (30%, essay questions) and "defining the wind" (70%+5% bonus) which covered wind speed conversions, and topographic effects.  Students were given 1 hour and 40 minutes to answer the quiz.  We started to discuss about aerodynamics and pressure coefficients for about an hour after the quiz.


CE 256 - Part 2 Wind Effects, Session 3

Today, the discussion on "defining the wind" was continued and some example problems were presented.