Crosswinds and Thunderstorms

The mitigation of crosswind and thunderstorm effects are at least two things that wind engineers (i.e. civil engineers with a wind engineering background) and aerospace/aeronautics engineers have in common. Here are a couple of articles talking about some issues airplanes, their engineers/designers, and their pilots have been encountering.


"Engineers are cool"

This is a video produced by Arup, the engineering consulting firm, for the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers' (HKIE) 2009 Presidential Address. The video's creators said they aimed to showcase some of the interesting and exciting things that engineers do.


Why projects always get delayed and engineers always have to do overtime work

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In addition to clients usually wanting projects done yesterday, this is quite a nice, realistic list that we would all need to realistically deal with eventually in our lives as civil engineers:


It is of course seemingly talking about software development, but you can just exchange "developer" with "engineer" and "code" with "design" and it immediately becomes applicable to most engineering professions, civil engineering included.