Another NSCP 2010 Erratum

This one is actually a question asked by a former student.. from back in 2010! She says:
I came across with Method 1 - Simplified Procedure, and in Equation 207-2, pnet=lambda*Kzt*w*pnet9, where pnet9, as given in the definitions, is the net design wind pressure for Exposure B at h=9m and Iw from Figure 207-3. I turn to Figure 207-3, and in the label of Figures 207-3 it states that it is "pnet (Exposure B at h=10m with Iw=1.0 and Kzt=1.0)". My question is if the Figure 207-3 is already the net design wind pressure (pnet) or is it the pnet9 (net design wind pressure)? Also, if the values are for a 10m high building or 9m high building?


Some NSCP 2010 Section 207 Errata

If you have been using the NSCP 2010 wind loading provisions (Section 207), you have probably noticed already many typographical and other errors. I have only started to look at it more deeply recently, and here are some I noticed (and that readers have also pointed out):


Take Home Quiz ;-)

Note: This was updated on 9/17/13 at 8:00 PM.

This is a take home quiz that I gave my students 10 13 days to complete on their own. To encourage independent work, I based the parameters they were going to use on their "student numbers." If you are a practicing structural engineer, go ahead and choose from the values listed below and try to answer the questions yourself.


Presentation in front of ~2,000(?) Civil Engineering Undergrads at the 2013 National CE Symposium

The event was held on September 6, 2013 at the University Theater, University of the Philippines, Diliman, Quezon City, and organized by the UP Association of Civil Engineering Students. I introduced the many different facets of wind engineering to these civil engineering undergrads from around the country. I think I did okay. :-)