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A Wind Engineer's Blog

Prof. Ahsan Kareem of the NatHaz Laboratory, Department of Civil Engineering and Geological Sciences, University of Notre Dame, is "web-sourcing the 'TechnoCrowd' to enhance wind engineering research and development" through the NatHaz Lab blog.  Visit http://nathazlab.blogspot.com/ and contribute by starting new or participating in current discussions.


Wind Engineering in the Philippines

This is a summary of my presentations at the recent APCWE7 and APEC-WW2009 in Taiwan in November 2009.  Also posted on the ASEANwind website.


CE 256 Part 2 (Wind Effects) - Session 2

Session 2 of this coursework covered still a little bit about Typhoon Engineering and Meteorology, Wind Speed Maps in the Philippines, and started on "Defining the Wind."


International Group on "Typhoon Engineering"

An international group on "typhoon engineering" has now been formed...  Except that they don't call it "typhoon engineering." 


Wind Engineering in Southeast Asia

I have mentioned that I attended the recent 7th Asia-Pacific Conference on Wind Engineering (APCWE7) in Taiwan, which is one of the regional conferences of the International Association for Wind Engineering (IAWE).