Typhoon Engineering: We Need it More in the Philippines

If you don't believe that we need more typhoon engineers in the Philippines, check out the papers/presentations I presented at the previous conferences/conventions/workshops I attended, for more information about the very serious but very avoidable effects of typhoons in the Philippines, the number one most typhoon-prone country in the world. Bet you didn't know that, did you?

Check out my COE-TPU report, PICE 2005 National Convention paper, 2nd APEC-WW (2005) paper, and 1st National Meteorological-Hydrological Convention paper from the links below. You can also find more typhoon information in the Philippines at Typhoon2000.com, courtesy of our friend, Mr. Michael Padua. Inquirer calls him "Mr. Typhoon." Find out why. :-)

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