ASEP 2007 International Convention in Manila

A paper entitled "Consideration of dynamic wind effects in the structural design and evaluation of truss-type structures typically damaged during recent typhoons" was presented at the 12th ASEP International Convention (12AIC) held in Manila, Philippines on March 15 and 16, 2007. Following are the details:

ABSTRACT : Many truss-type vertical structures damaged in recent typhoons in the Philippines have aspect ratios typically greater than 4, and by NSCP-2001 requirements, a flexible-structure GEF should be "obtained by a rational analysis that incorporates the dynamic properties of the structure." However, this is not the current design practice in the Philippines. Arguments are herein presented against the use of the NSCP-2001 rigid-structure GEF for these structures in the Philippines. An example supplementary material to the NSCP-2001 based on recent work by the first author is then discussed and presented.

KEYWORDS: truss-type vertical structures, typhoon damage, wind loading, dynamic response, gust effect factor, NSCP

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