Why projects always get delayed and engineers always have to do overtime work

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In addition to clients usually wanting projects done yesterday, this is quite a nice, realistic list that we would all need to realistically deal with eventually in our lives as civil engineers:


It is of course seemingly talking about software development, but you can just exchange "developer" with "engineer" and "code" with "design" and it immediately becomes applicable to most engineering professions, civil engineering included.

But even more interesting is this reply to the post above from Mr. Michael Wolfe which creates an analogy between a group of friends' planned 600-kilometer, 10-day hike to engineering projects.


Thanks to my friend RB for the link!


Mr.Filbert. Hutchison said...

Its very important to have the structure very well build this is why some engineers have to render some overtime just to make sure.
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Unknown said...

Each profession has its own degree of responsibilities, and I really think that engineering jobs are not that easy to do. There are times that engineers need to do extra effort and spend extra time with their work depending on the orders of their clients.