IBM to donate supercomputer to PAGASA

The DOST announced that IBM will donate a supercomputer to PAGASA. The meteorological agency will purportedly use it with more advanced modelling software to account for general climate conditions in the country for the next 5 to 10 years, and to improve their weather forecasting, being able to anticipate typhoons up to 7 days before it might affect the country as opposed to the maximum 3 days advanced forecasting they are able to do with current resources.

There is no further information though on the specifications of said supercomputer. But knowing what IBM has become now, it is definitely not in the business of the typical computers that we ordinary folk typically use. I am still curious though as to, at least how many (equivalent) CPU cores, GPU cores, RAM, storage type and capacity, etc. How many teraflops of whatever can it do? (I am not sure anymore about the terminologies when it comes to supercomputers!) I mean, how much more powerful is it than the latest ordinary desktop computer we have available to us nowadays? If I run computation fluid dynamics software on it, how much faster will it take to run an analysis that might take up to 6 months on an ordinary desktop computer?

Anyways, read the full article on Philippine Star Online:


There is this related blog article, which almost just copied the news report from Philippine Star, but it is interesting to read people's reactions to the news:


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