CE 256 - Part 2 Wind Effects, Session 6

Today we wrapped up the discussion on Wind Effects Part 4 - Dynamic Wind Effects.  Students submitted their homework from the last session, and were given 2 additional homework problems for submission next week:


Note that the above file link also contains information on the Gust Effect Factor formulation for buildings (from ASCE 7-05), for trussed towers (based on Aquino, 2006), and the wind climate parameters for these formulas as notes from today's lecture and as guides in answering the homework and...

In addition, students were reminded of the Long Quiz 2 next week for which preparation is necessary for everything discussed thus far covering wind characteristics (wind speeds, topographic effects, etc), aerodynamics (pressure coefficients, etc), and dynamic wind effects.  All previously mentioned textbooks and references are applicable.  Added references are info can be found from this link:


Next week, after the quiz, we will wrap up the whole CE 256 Part 2 (Wind Effects) with a general discussion on design for wind effects.


Anonymous said...

hi sir.. I am one of your students from CE256 class... I think the link for homework 2 cannot be accessed. Please advice. Thank you

ronjiedotcom said...

hi roy. the link worked but you needed to sign in - which meant you needed a google account. anyway, i since removed the requirement for sign-in. you should be able to access the link without problems. if it still doesn't work, try again; sometimes it's google docs (which hosts the files) which is intermittently slow or inaccessible. thanks for pointing this out.

ronjiedotcom said...

oops i noticed just now that the link itself works, but the original post did not have a link to the link; it just had the link as text. it's been corrected as well. although next time, please note you can just copy and paste the link itself to your web browser to access it. thanks again!