CE 256 - Part 2 Wind Effects, Session 5 (UPDATED!)

We continued our discussion on aerodynamics and pressure coefficients.  And then we started our discussion on dynamic wind effects.  Additional references for this discussion, aside from Simiu and Scanlan and NSCP 2001, include the ASCE7 standards (looking at the 1993, 1995, and 1998/2002/2005 versions) and a paper I co-authored with Prof. B.M. Pacheco, PhD, PE, and which he presented at the 2007 PICE National Convention.

Two example problems were given to students as a homework to be submitted next meeting:

Students were encouraged to work independently; there are no right or wrong answers, at least for now.  The answers of each of the students will be tabulated to observe how much variation there could be when different engineers interpret the same problem (and in this case, using the same code).

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