Wind Research

This is a running list of wind engineering research in the Philippines that could be carried out by interested students and researchers.

1. General
  • Philippine National Standard (Code) development.  Review of historical development.  Review of current provisions.  Comparisons with current international codes.
  • Wind Tunnel Testing procedure*.  Design/selection of WT type for Philippine conditions.
  • CFD for structural wind design purposes*.  Reduction of errors.  Correlation with full scale measurements.
  • Scenario typhoon...  similar to MMEIRS output.
  • Redundancy design against progressive collapse of residential building under typhoons.
  • Characterization of wind-borne missile trajectories and effects on building envelopes.
  • Delphi method to analyze non-engineer's damage photos.
  • Research topics wiki. (e.g. this post)
2. Improvement of Wind Hazard Identification
  • Online Real-Time Updated Wind Hazard Map
  • Monte-carlo simulation of typhoon tracks and intensity, and development of 500-, 700-, and 2500-year return period wind speed maps, and wind directionality factors.
  • Typhoon wind (vertical) profile, and comparison with NSCP 2001 wind profile and effects on existing structures.
  • Engineering Survey of PAGASA meteorological stations to arrive at correction factors.
  • Optimum location of new meteorological stations... using Kriging Method?
  • Terrain exposure categorization and topographic effects calculator using Google and other Maps
3. Dynamic response - buildings
  • Relationship of damping and non-linear response of... Buildings?
  • Target performance levels for certain return periods.
  • Further processing of vibration data of 100 buildings in Metro Manila to determine damping values... using SSI, and/or RD method.
  • Full-scale natural frequency and damping measurement correlated with wind speeds at time of measurement.
  • For what types does wind load govern over earthquake loads in the primary LFRS design?
4. Dynamic response – steel lattice structures
  • Relationship and damping and non-linear response of... Non-building steel structures?
  • For what types does wind load govern over earthquakes in the primary LFRS design?
  • Measurement of natural frequencies and damping of trussed structures (towers and billboards) in the Philippines...
  • Addressing issues in scaling effects on wind tunnel testing of lattice structures for estimating dynamic wind effects... http://www.google.co.uk/search?hl=en&q=wind+tunnel+testing+of+lattice+towers&meta=&rlz=
  • Quantification of effects of fatigue due to wind loads...  Additional load factor to account for fatigue?
5. Dynamic response - general
  • Code- or design-dependent factor... GENERIC natural frequency estimator (formula)
6. Low-cost housing
  • Minimum nail and tie-down design for roofs, and general wind-resistant design of low-cost housing... (e.g. for Haiti)
  • Full-scale measurements of various low-income construction types... in Catanduanes (i.e. very high wind speed region)!?
7. Pre-EVENT and post-EVENT rapid assessment tools and procedure

8. Tools to improve designs
  • Online:
Wind loading calculation tools
Wind Wiki
Wind Blog
Aerodynamic database
  • Book: Wind loading basics for structural engineers

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