Presentation(s) on observed wind damages due to Typhoon Yolanda

I have made about three presentations now on the same topic above. One is at the UPD-ICE* Forum on Earthquakes and Typhoons (Jan 2014):

Another one is at the SPACE 2014 conference (Apr 2014):

The above two presentations are in front of engineers and meanwhile, I made a slightly different presentation in front of non-engineers some time in Feb 2014. Unfortunately, I don't have a video of that gig but this is what I added in there:
There are a few simple things we can do: 
  • Listen to PAGASA -- evacuate to safety when told!
  • Bug the people building your house to use the latest standards (e.g. NSCP 2010) ...and make sure they check all elements vulnerable to wind.
  • Avoid timber/wood construction unless it is proven to be sufficient. Upgrade old (timber) buildings!
  • If possible, use concrete roof slabs instead.
  • Make sure your home has 6-inch Concrete Hollow Blocks for exterior walls.
  • Protect windows to relieve some pressure off roofs -- install shutters, or board them up before the storm comes!
I added the above because I felt that simply telling people that there are these disasters that have happened and that could happen doesn't really help. You have to show them how to actually prepare for disasters. 

Actually, it would be a big help if you are actually there to see them through with their preparations.

Anyways, credit goes to William Mata and Justin Joseph Valdez for their help with the presentation and our full report, which you can find by the way on http://1drv.ms/1k86VmQ.

The above link also contains photos we collected during our survey. If you will be using any of the media or portions of the paper, we appreciate at least a mention of our work. Thank you.

*University of the Philippines Diliman - Institute of Civil Engineering

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